523925_4505257505323_922219934_nGeek & Gloss is a place created by me – Rachael – a twenty-something marketing and events coordinator currently living in Cheltenham, who has a passion for beauty, fashion, food, gaming, movies, photography, crafts… and everything in between! Originally from Wolverhampton, I picked up and left home after my 18th birthday and moved to Leeds for university where I studied Architecture for two years before settling on Criminology and Psychology. I’ve now got a degree to my name after a long time trying, although my passion is to specialise in forensic and investigative psychology. For the meantime, I work for an amazing school in Gloucestershire organising their events and helping out the marketing team!

But that’s enough boring stuff about me! You’ve come to know more about Geek & Gloss – the blog and the shop – and what kinds of things you can expect to find here… The main reason I started blogging was I wanted a way of being able to express my love of so many things and hopefully share my experiences and passions with others in a way that may influence them to be happier in themselves, like I have struggled to do through my life. I initially decided online was an easier way to go, as at the time of starting blogging I had incredibly low self-esteem.

There have been so many blogs that I have read before that have picked up my spirits when I’ve been feeling down, and I wanted to be able to do the same things for someone else out there – even if it’s just one person! I try and blog about more things that are close to my heart, while also mixing it up with some light-hearted fashion, beauty and geeky posts. I think it’s really important to not be scared to show your weaker side and blog about real things in the world too. It may not be pretty sometimes, and you may not agree with everything I say, but feel free to comment and share your experiences and comments too – as long as you do it in a respectful and non-demeaning manner.

I have also recently launched my online shop here on Geek & Gloss. I have always had a passion for creating prints and crafty things, but now that I am in a good place in my life, I feel like it’s the right time to share this passion with the world too. Please do take a look around – there’s lots on offer for all occasions and types of people.

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