Considering taking my blog in a different direction

As some of my readers may know – not that I expect there is many of you (readers that is) – I have a degree in criminology and I’m fascinated by crimes and why people commit them, particularly the nasty crimes such as murder. There is a YouTube channel that I’m in L.O.V.E. with at the moment by a girl called Eleanor Neale. She does a mix of makeup review and tutorials, lifestyle chats, and crime stories – she is literally my mind twin!

Anyway – crime is something I have always been interested in and I have been, for the past couple of months while re-launching my lifestyle blog, considering taking my blog in a different direction and adding another thing to the “lifestyle, beauty, fashion…” spiel – true crime! Specifically looking into the stories of a case and giving my opinions based on what I’ve learnt in my degree and my own personal opinion on why the murder (most likely) committed the crimes that he/she/they did.

This is something I have always found interesting, and a part of my life that I’ve not really shared with many people outside of them knowing I have a degree in criminology. I have mainly just immersed myself in a true crime book or watched stories like Eleanor Neale’s on YouTube. But, this is something I want to share with my readers. So, let me know what you think. Is this something you would be interested in reading on Geek & Gloss – or is it something that would be better as a second blog elsewhere?


Seriously though, check Eleanor’s channel out – it’s great!


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