I dyed my hair grey and purple

As I write this I’m sat in a chair at the Pierre Alexandre Salon in Manchester with bright bleached hair looking a little bit like an albino mongoose! I’ve coloured my hair a lot before, but never an ‘extreme’ colour like I’m going today… But you’ll have to wait until the end of this post to see the transformation and the exact colour that I chose to go.

I’m not going to lie… This morning I woke up with so many butterflies in my stomach not sure what to expect. Would I like my choice of colour? Would it suit me? Would I regret choosing a hair colour that would see me sat in a salon chair for 6 hours?

9.45am. The lovely Hayley from Pierre Alexandre dyed my hair, starting with a head full of bleach and Olaplex to make my hair go from a mousey brown with random blonde ends to a bright yellow – a colour that makes me look like a complete weirdo in the salon while I wait for the conditioning treatment to sit. After bleaching my hair was washed and had the second installment of the Olaplex treatment put on that deep conditions after bleaching. My head tingled for quite a while as the bleach and conditioning steps took place – its not something I would recommend for the faint of heart… Still I’m excited to see how this turns out!

1.00pm. The bleach now washed out of my hair and it blowdried it was time to cut off the dead ends before dying my roots an ashy blonde colour.. Why is hair colour so cold?! After my roots were done, Hayley stated to balliage the grey and purple into my hair. I now look less like an albino animal and more like a bouquet of flowers!

2.30pm. The toner has finally settled on my hair and it’s time to wash it off! Another conditioning treatment and some layers later and I’m starting to see the colour! Nerves are really setting in now.

3.45pm. Finally. We’re done. 6 hours later! My hair has been blowdried with a round brush for some delicate waves and I have to say all the nerves I had at the start of the day melted away. Hayley did an incredible job of my colour and cut and I absolutely love it. I even got the ring light photo treatment downstairs!

Before going to this salon I was a little skeptical as the reviews of the salon online weren’t great, but I had an amazing experience and can only assume that they have changed their staff since those poor reviews. 5 stars all round!



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