Why I’ve not blogged since 2015

Three years is a long time to go without blogging, but it’s something that I needed to do. I tried to get back into my blogging last year, but I found that I had lost the passion for it and I physically couldn’t bring myself to write anything. In summer 2015, I graduated from university, and two weeks before the end of my contract on my house in Leeds, I had no plans, no job and no clue what I was going to do or where I was going to live in two weeks time! That’s when my partner, Pete, came to me and said that he had been offered a promotion. But, this meant picking up our lives in Yorkshire and moving 200 miles south to Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. With no job lined up we moved, despite Cheltenham being a world away from my friends and the city that I had made my home for the past 7 years. 

With all of this happening, I was keep to take a break from blogging anyway, and I certainly slowed down my writing within the first few months of being in Cheltenham – my main focus being on job hunting. I eventually found a job after just three weeks of searching, and was thrilled to have found a career that I had been working towards for four years – working in the mental health sector. But, as I’m sure many graduates have found, what you experience and enjoy in the classroom isn’t necessarily the same when you actually get into the workplace. I absolutely hated my job, and I quickly came to realise that it was the academic side of mental health and psychology that I loved, not the practical application. Heartbroken that I had spent four years working towards something only to hate it when I got there, I literally had no idea what I wanted to do with my life – I had no job, was living in one of the most expensive towns in the country, and had no idea what industry I wanted to go into.

I had been to some blogging meet ups in Gloucestershire, but a lot of the types of blogs that I found were in the local area (and there isn’t a whole bunch) weren’t the style of blog I wanted to be, and I quickly found that a large majority of the events were during the day time when I was hoping to fill the time with work. While Gloucestershire is a beautiful place, and there are some lovely bloggers down there, a lot of the themes I encountered were ‘mommy’, ‘stay at home’ or ‘children’ blogs – something I have no experience in, and nothing to fuel content for with no children (and at the time no plans to have children any time soon). So, I slowly stopped blogging, and turned all my focus onto figuring out what I wanted to do.

Eventually, I whittled my way through the career market and landed on a social media assistant job at a creative and marketing agency in Cirencester. With no experience in marketing, and really no idea what the role involved, I thought that my blogging and social media experience from this would come in handy. A couple of days later and I was astonished to receive a phone call offering me the job! I started with anticipation, and with the guidance of an incredibly knowledgeable team behind me I learned more about marketing that I ever imagined I could. I fell in love with marketing instantly, and especially the graphic design side of the business with lessons from the companies creative director on how to use the Adobe Suite. In just 18 months I had got a promotion, and even started training a social media assistant of my own. I was moving on up, and had secured a place as a marketing and events executive at a local college and here I learnt even more about the world of marketing and graphic design. But, I still wasn’t blogging – with a busy job and discovering what I loved all over again, I just didn’t have the time or motivation. I did try to relaunch my blog in 2017, renaming and rebranding it to the site you see today, but it’s not until now that I feel the passion for it again.

A couple months ago Pete and I moved to Manchester – a city at last! And a city that I had been to some great blogger events before. I have a job that I love, and that’s in an inspiring office that has really sparked my passion for writing again, so here I am, revamping my blog with a whole new theme and planning future posts. Keep your eyes out, and sorry for the three year silent treatment.


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