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6 Umbrellas to Beat the Rain Blues

The grey clouds have started to creep their way into towns and cities across the UK, and while many people dislike the rain, I love it! There’s nothing better to me than being able to stand outside while it’s pelting down with rain, or watching a thunder and lightning storm. One of the other reasons I love the rain is it gives me a great excuse to hit the shops and take a look at some of the new, exciting (and sometimes unusual) designs for UMBRELLAS!

Ok, so I have to admit it – I have a slight hoarding issue when it comes to umbrellas. Until I threw out the four I had that were broken (thanks, strong winds of the North!) I had a total of 12 umbrellas. And yes, this is excessive! I don’t even use umbrellas that much – only when it’s really raining, or I’ve done my hair and am on my way somewhere that’s not visiting a friend’s house. There’s just something comforting about them – and I love them!

What styles are on trend this season? What new designs and shapes can we see in umbrellas this year? I’ve scoured the shops and online stores and picked out six of my favourites that are now on my wishlist!



My first pick on my umbrella wishlist is a stunningly bright watermelon print umbrella from Top Shop. If there are two things I love, they are bold prints and watermelon! Combine the two and you have a winning combination for me. This umbrella is really cute, and I love the detailing on the rim – it’s the perfect choice for anyone who likes to stand out from the crowd!


In recent years, I haven’t been a massive fan of New Look, especially their plus size fashion which seems to have gone more and more down the route that I hate of “plus size clothing must be baggy and hang like a tent from your boobs” and “no plus size woman would want to wear anything sheer, unless it’s this incredibly unflattering and unsuitable sheer top we’re not selling well in the smaller sizes”… Ok, rant over. Back to the happy world of umbrellas!

If you’re looking for an understated umbrella that will do what it says on the tin at a budget cost, this is the umbrella for you. I really like the lace bird details, and the black and white colour makes it a classic choice for any situation – especially if you’re rocking up to a party and don’t want to take the eyes off your outfit!

COYNES UMBRELLA, The Umbrella Shop

What’s not to love about this beautiful vintage style umbrella from The Umbrella Shop? I love the extended wooden handle through the top of the umbrella frame and the gold detailing giving this umbrella a sophisticated look. The colour is also one of my favourites – a gorgeous blend of blue and green. This umbrella reminds me so much of the scarves my Nan used to wear, which brings back great memories too. It’s a brilliant standout piece that not only looks great but will be an asset to any outfit, especially when we start to see the faux fur lines coming back in Winter.

BIRD CAGE SEE-THROUGH UMBRELLA, Lulu Guinness at The Umbrella Shop

Lulu Guinness has some incredible umbrella designs that will make you stand out from the crowd for ALL the right reasons – and many of them are available at The Umbrella Shop. I love see-through umbrellas and being able to see the rain falling down on your head – and I love the effect it makes on the plastic. I have seen a couple of comments floating around about this umbrella saying they don’t like the idea of being trapped inside a birdcage in the rain, but I can’t think of anything better. I love the vintage feel the birdcage brings to the umbrella, and the detailing on the bird is stunning. Get me three!

PALM SPRINGS UMBRELLA, Ted Baker at House of Fraser

So, £59 may be a bit much to spend on an umbrella, but when it’s a gorgeous as this Ted Baker number (available at House of Fraser at this price) why wouldn’t you spend £60? At least you can guarantee it’s not going to break in any slight wind on the first day of using it like so many of my £10 – £15 umbrellas have done in the past!

What attracted me to this umbrella, however, was the detailing on the inside. Not only does the black outside make it a great choice for anyone who needs an understated umbrella to take to work, school or an event, but the flamingo pattern on the inside transports you to another world – one without rain! Why not transport yourself to a resort setting every time it rains – especially with the amount of rain we can expect over the next few months in England!

FLORAL UMBRELLA, Ted Baker at Littlewoods

The final umbrella on my list is another Ted Baker number, this time one I found at Littlewoods online. I’ve always been a fan of the classic floral patterns from Ted Baker, particularly the grey and pink colour scheme.

If only I could afford their suitcases…

For those of you who know me, or have read a number of my other posts about accessories, you will notice a theme of Ted Baker items creeping their way into my wishlists. The patterns they use are gorgeous and go great with so many styles of clothing – formal, casual, party wear. Plus, I find that Ted Baker florals are one of the only style sets that look great with any age of wearer – whether you’re sixteen or sixty!

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