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The Perfect In-Flight Playlist

If you’re jetting off on a holiday over the summer, or if you have read my post of 25 essential things to take with you on a plane, you’ll know that a good playlist of some great music is vital! One thing I definitely make sure I have loaded on my phone is a killer playlist to rock out to on the plane. Don’t get me wrong, I make some time to talk to my partner too, but we have very … VERY … differing tastes in music. So having my own amazing playlist to have in one ear while we play games or chat is essential for me!

Obviously, there are a few songs you want to avoid while on a plane:

  • Andrew Bird – ‘Fiery Crash’
  • Bright Eyes – ‘At The Bottom Of Everything’
  • Rilo Kiley – ‘Wires And Waves’
  • Shawn Colvin – ‘Another Plane Went Down’
  • Johnny Cash – ‘Ring Of Fire’
  • Modest Mouse – ‘Shit Luck’

Now, I like to listen to quite a few different genres when flying – some to match my excitement at take-off and landing, some I can sing along to, some classics that take me back to my childhood and remind me how excited I used to be about being so high up, and some slower songs to relax me and hopefully send me off to sleep a little (which I find incredibly difficult on planes).

Check out my playlist below – and be sure to let me know which songs you love to listen to when taking a long journey – whether it’s on a plane, train, car, or any other way you wish to travel!

Want to download this playlist? Check it out on YouTube below, or find it (minus one or two songs) on Spotify at

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