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25 Essentials For Flight Travel

So, many of you will have booked holidays for the summer and will be soon jetting of to far-off and exciting places. I’ve already been on my holiday this year – back in March – to Iceland, so I thought I would share with you all the things I made sure I had with me on the flight. I’ve even thrown in a few things I didn’t take with me on such a short flight, but are things I can’t do without on long haul trips!

I find it so difficult to sleep on planes, and the low oxygen levels and humidity cause my skin to literally go mental – my skin gets really dry and dehydrated and this can lead to it flaking (particularly if I have makeup on) which is not a good look to achieve on the way to your holiday! Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that both “short or long-haul flights can cause dizziness, dry skin and bad breath” (source). That’s why I always make sure I have these 25 essentials with me! You can never have too many things to entertain you on a flight…

By the way, all of these items are allowed on flights coming in and out of the UK – some restrictions may be different if you’re in a different country! Want to check the UK hand luggage restrictions for flights? Click here.

23 Travel Essentials for Flights


If there is one thing I can’t do without on a plane it’s my phone. Playing games like ‘Two Dots’ can pass the time really well, and there are so many great games that don’t require wifi that you can play with a friend. How about downloading the ‘Monopoly’ app? My phone is also essential to have an in-flight playlist, full of music for different moods – relaxing, classics, and energetic!


I find sleeping on planes really difficult, especially with the clammy humidity, cold blasting air and constant light source, which is why it’s essential for me to have an eye mask – and why not splash out on comfort with a silk eye mask. It’s great for the sensitive skin around the eyes, and a black one can block out all the light from those horrible cabin spotlights.


There’s nothing worse than turning up to a new country ready to stat exploring and discovering all there is to a different culture, than turning up with a crick in your neck. Even on car or train journeys, I always make sure I have a neck pillow for comfort. It’s definitely been an essential for me, especially since (quite embarrassingly) I ended up jolting forwards in a car once and ending up with a very stylish bruise on my head!


I know.. I know.. planes supply you with some of these things – like eye masks and headphones – but there is something about the germ-freak inside me that just can’t trust those airplane headphones. Having a good full headphone set like the stunning pink and rose-gold pair above is so much more comfortable, and can drown out much more of the surrounding plane noise.


After sitting in a confined space for hours, especially if I’ve had makeup on, there’s nothing I like more than to refresh by taking off all my makeup! I always make sure I have some face wipes with me – makeup removing and aloe vera to re-hydrate the skin!


I love, love, love adult colouring books. They pass the time greatly, and I love to have a creative outlet. I love taking off and landing while flying, but turbulence makes me really nervous, so having something to focus on, especially when the plane is shaking and I have to try and stay in the lines, is a great distraction.


You can’t colour without some good Stabilo coloured fine point pens!


This is an every day essential, not just a flight essential – especially for dry skin and nail strengthening! With UK restrictions on the number of ml you can take of liquids (including creams), I always save my Crabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate Hand Therapy for flights. It smells incredible, and works wonders for dry skin, and the added Myrrh is great for my cuticles to make sure they are holiday ready!


After taking my makeup off from the flight, I love to have something to cover the problem areas of my skin – but I don’t want to have a full make of foundation or powder when in a hot country – or even a cold one! Holidays are the perfect opportunity to refresh your skin and popping on some CC cream before landing (especially with SP15) is a great alternative. I find Clinique’s CC cream really refreshing and light, yet still with great coverage.


Is there anything better than wrapping yourself up in an oversized cardigan or shawl when on  plane? I always make sure I have my cardigan with me. I can use it as a blanket, for warmth, or just to wrap myself up for a big of privacy.


UK restrictions on flights mean you have to have any items such as makeup, creams, liquids etc. in a clear plastic bag. But, I hate having to keep my stuff in a plastic food bag (or similar) and it just seems like extra stuff to carry to have my makeup in a plastic bag in my hand luggage, and more makeup in a proper makeup bag in my suitcase, so I always pack only makeup that I can get away with in hand luggage (like miniatures) and take then in a clear makeup bag. #Kill2BirdsWith1Stone


Lights are always an issue for me on planes, so I always make sure I have sunglasses in my hand luggage. The reading lights can be very brights, especially if someone has one positioned in a way that means it’s catching you eye. I also don’t trust breakables like my sunglasses in my suitcase!


Another holiday makeup alternative! I always take one or two lipsticks with me (which I usually put in a box in my suitcase so they don’t get crushed) if I am going out or to a few meals when I’m on holiday, but most of the time I just wear a tinted lip balm. It’s great for hot or cold days when out and about exploring, and great for planes to combat the humidity playing havoc on your lips and making them dry.


There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a confined space with a number of other bodies -especially people you don’t know. While you can take mini-deodorant bottles on the plane, I always like to have some handy deodorant wipes with me which means I can freshen up more than under my arms! And I don’t end up filling the whole plane restroom with spray…


What better place to plan some blog posts, or fill in your holiday journal to start your memories of an amazing trip, than with a few thoughts in a notebook. Even if it’s just fine tuning your holiday schedule, or making a list of things not to miss while you’re there, or even playing a game of ‘squares’ or ‘tic-tac-toe’ with your plane-buddy, it’s a great way to pass the time!


What else are you going to write in your notebook with?


Been sleeping on a plane? There’s nothing worse than kicking off your holiday snaps than a few awkward moments struggling with bed-hair! I always make sure I have a small hairbrush just to make sure my hair is all pointing in the way I want it to and I don’t end up having a snap of my sleep-quiff making an appearance on social media on someone else’s holiday photos.


Keeping on the line of wearing makeup on holiday – one makeup item I can’t do without is mascara! My eyelashes are really short, so I always make sure I have a mini mascara to take around with me. The mini size isn’t only great for plane travel, but is great to stick into a small bag while you’re actually on your holiday exploring.


Travel socks are great to keep your circulation going, especially if you’re sleeping with your knees up, or if you’re on a long-haul flight. I hate wearing shoes for long periods of time, especially on a plane where your feet get all sweaty in the humidity. But, I don’t want to take my shoes off on a plane – both for the sanity of myself and for the other passengers – which is why travel socks are essential. They don’t have to be fluffy – that’s just for extra comfort! You can find some great travel socks at Boots (here) if you don’t mind a plain colour! I, personally, can’t beat my stripy ones I got from Amazon!


As I’ve mentioned before, travelling on planes can give you bad breath – and that horrible feeling of having eaten sweets, chocolate, and plane food without being able to brush your teeth is nasty. I’ve been on holidays before where I have left the UK in the early hours of the morning, and by the time I’ve got there it’s early morning their time, and I feel like I haven’t have the opportunity to freshen my breath for almost two days! You can get handy collapsable toothbrushes which fold into their own box from any pharmacy and a mini toothpaste just to freshen up in the plane restroom before getting off the flight any enjoying your holiday!


Another, great way to freshen up your hair before starting your holiday. The humidity in the planes always makes my head a bit sweaty (gross, I know) and my hair gets greasy really quickly – even when not in a warm climate – I just mess with it too much!


I always make sure I have a large purse when going on holiday. It’s difficult to steal because of its size, and I always know where it is because of that too. It also leaves rooms for me to use my ‘anti-theft cards’ to make sure I have added security in a country I may not know very well.


…this one kind of speaks for itself!


Perfume is a bit extreme for a holiday, so I always like to make sure I have a body spray to freshen up with, especially when I only have wipes to use for deodorant! A cooling body spray is also a great option if you’re going to a hot country to keep feeling fresh while on the go?


Where are you going to put all of this? I love the Ted Baker range of travel cases – especially those like the one above which can be either carried or rolled. I’m not a massive fan of people who literally take another suitcase on the plane with them as hand luggage, but I also don’t want to have to struggle carrying a heavy case with me everywhere around the airport. This kind of travel luggage is really great as they are more compact than a small suitcase and are flexible so they can fit under your seat as well as easily in the overhead compartments.

So there you have it – 25 essential things I always make sure I have with me on a long-haul flight! Obviously, I won’t be taking this much to Iceland with me as the flight is only a couple of hours, but for a long-haul flight, like when I went to Thailand, I would have died of boredom on the way – especially since I can’t sleep on planes very easily and my parents can!

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