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How To: Rock #SS17 As A Plus Size

If there is one thing I hate about the fashion industry… hang on, hate is a strong word. Let me rephrase that… If there is one thing that annoys me about the fashion industry, it is the way that there is always that one trend in each season that just will NOT suit a plus size figure. This season they have managed to don FOUR trends that – in my personal experience – haven’t suited my plus size figure… But hopefully, with some inspiration, we can change that!


#SS17 Plus Size | Fuchsia
There are many things that I love about block colours, but fuchsia just seems to be one of those that makes me think of elderly “ladies what lunch”… Sure, I have the opinion that the younger generations can pull off bright colours such as this, but I have never seen a look I like in such a hot pink on a plus size woman before… It could work though – especially with the knee-length dress and white accents.
The brightness and ‘clean-ness’ of the white also tones down the pink – and the accents of purple and darker tones give it a professional look. I also LOVE these wedges from – I’ve ordered some for the Spring myself! Although if you do have wide feet and order from, I’d suggest getting a size bigger because they aren’t very forgiving!
#SS17 Plus Size | Sheer
Sheer has always been a problem for me – sure I love an element of sheer in clothing – but I find it isn’t overly flattering when it comes to plus size clothing. Two of my major ‘problem areas’ as a plus size girl is my stomach and my upper arms. This is why I was instantly drawn to this top. The sleeves give an exposed feel, but still hide enough for me to feel comfortable with or without the blazer – an amazing pop of colour by the way – and the length of the shirt means that with some high waisted trousers, you have that element of fashionable-sheer, without exposing too much of yourself and feeling uncomfortable.
If you can get your stomach out as a plus size woman I give absolute props to you – personally I don’t have the confidence to do it. The sheer element of this top made me want to create a more ‘punk’ look to this outfit – and who doesn’t love a maroon ankle boot?
#SS17 Plus Size | Stripes
Stripes… the bane of every plus size woman’s wardrobe – at least it is in my wardrobe. I don’t think that I actually own anything that is striped! Although, with the discovery of this navy and yellow top, I think stripes could actually be flattering!! The two focal stripes, rather than having a full stripe pattern is a great way of bringing focus in the right areas, sucking in the waist, and drawing attention away from the stomach with the matching stripe along the bust and upper arm. What do you think? Could the stripe be a fashion ‘yes’ for plus sizes with these styles?
#SS17 Plus Size | Bralette
The bralette – the stomach shower! As I’ve previously mentioned, my stomach and my upper arms are definite major problem areas for me with my wardrobe, so the idea of wearing a bralette which exposes both – at least I felt – was never an option for me.
But, with bralettes like the one here, with a more ‘full-coverage’ design, give a great alternative to a crop top for plus sizes. With a high-waist peplum skirt and a colourful blazer to match the tones in the bralette, I think this look is incredibly slimming – perfect for work or a night out! Dark coloured barlettes with bold pops of colour are definitely something I will be trying come Spring.
#SS17 Plus Size | Text

Yes, yes, yes, yes………. YES! I love print and text on clothing – tops mainly! This is one fashion trend for Spring Summer 2017 that I’m looking forward to – and already have a wardrobe full of! I think that large print is a great way of distracting form your problem areas, and a great way to make a statement about who you are! I love this “I am a nerd” top – it sums me up perfectly – especially when paired with some incredibly comfortable fashion hotties! There’s only one thing I wish for this trend, however, and that’s more variety for the plus sizes! Why do 80% of plus size text-tops have to have some witty remark about how “curves are in”?

What trends are you looking rocking this summer?

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