Plus size fashion inspiration; Georgina Grogan (She Might Be Loved)

Over the years, I have started reading and discovering for myself more and more blogs and often I read them in stints, going on and off the kinds of things I feel like reading about. However, there are those few blogs that I have been reading for a while now that I know, no matter what time of year I visit, I will be welcomed with posts that will make me smile and that I will be interesting reads – Sprinkle of Glitter was the first blog that did this to me, but one of my all time favourite blogs, and one that boosted my confidence to start my own blog being Plus Size was ‘She Might Be Loved‘ by the fabulous Georgina Grogan. Through her inspirational and motivational lifestyle posts to her gorgeous fashion ensembles and makeup looks, Georgina has inspired me in many ways – and always looks fab doing it – so why not recreate a fashion look that – to me anyway- screams this wonderful blogger.

The main things I love about Georgina’s fashion is her bold prints, brighter colours and flawless makeup looks, something as a Plus Size woman myself, I tended to avoid through fear of being pointed out in a crowd and pitied or taunted about my size. This is something, in part by reading blogs by fellow Plus Size bloggers, that I soon realised was silly and that you should never be afraid to let your personality shine through whether your a size 8, 18 or 28!

To recreate a look inspired by Georgina, I went straight for a bold print dress, and I wanted the main colour to be a rich royal or navy blue. I wanted to make sure that I brought some colour into the outfit, but not too garish, so I went for a bright coral colour, which I think complimented the pale coral and yellow in the dress – matching a deep coral in the vintage pumps, bow belt and jewellery – of course having to bring some flowers in there too. I love the belt in this outfit as it’s girly, but also sophisticated. For the bag I went for a paler colour, similar to the pinks in the dress, going for a shoulder bag with a geometric look to it. I also went for some thick black rim sunglasses for a summery twist on the look. For the makeup, I wanted to keep it bold, but elegant, so I went for a smokey brown eyeshadow palette with a toned down blush, and went big on the mascara and lipstick in a deep maroon.

Create The Look…

Dress | New Look Plus Size Blue Butterfly Print Shirred Waist Dress, £15
Bag | Michael Kors Selma Medium Messenger Bag, £145
Pumps | Mona Mia Coral Todosia Pump, £16
Belt | Ted Baker Skinny Leather Belt, £29
Ring | Mawi Rose Spring Ring, £176
Bracelet | Mawi Rose Garden Bracelet, £375
Sunglasses | Romwe Mixed Colour Over Sized Cat Sunglasses, £5.72
Blusher | H&M Powder Blusher in Apricot, £6.99
Eyeshadow | Boohoo Day To Night Eyeshadow Palette in Sultry, £3.21
Mascara | Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro Glam Mascara, £11
Lipstick | Nars Audacious Lipstick in Bette Bordeaux, £24
Total Cost | £806.92
Create The Look For Under £100…
£800+ is a lot of money for most people, and certainly for me, who struggles to save enough money to buy a nice dress from Primark more than a few times a year! So, putting aside the world of online creations, where money is no object, I have also created the look on a ‘budget’, challenging myself to create the look for under £100 for everything including clothing, accessories and makeup!
Dress | New Look Plus Size Blue Butterfly Print Shirred Waist Dress, £15
Bag | New Look Stone Square Satchel Backpack, £9
Pumps | Evans Coral Suedette Scallop Mesh Pumps, £10
Belt | H&M Narrow Belt, £1.99
Earrings | Bluefly Silver Simulated Pink Coral Rose Studs, £8.99
Bracelet | River Island Rose Bracelet, £16
Sunglasses | Joan Sunglasses, £6.42
Blusher | H&M Powder Blusher in Apricot, £6.99
Eyeshadow | Boohoo Day To Night Eyeshadow Palette in Sultry, £3.21
Mascara | Maybelline Great Lash Big Washable Mascara, £5.99
Lipstick | NYX Cosmetics Simply Red Lip Cream, £11
Total Cost | £94.59
I hope you enjoyed this new fashion creation from yours truly – let me know in the comments below which look you prefer or any mix&match’s you would make!