Manchester Escalator Event by The Press Tent

I went along to my first ever blogger meet up this week! I met a number of brands and bloggers at The Escalator conference space in Manchester at an incredible event run by The Press Tent. There were so many fabulous brands there that I’d never even heard of, or had seen around Instagram and read their blogs and was excited to meet face to face! This event had everything a bloggers heart could desire from fashion to accessories and music to cocktails!

The Manchester Escalator is one of the most interesting places I’ve been to in a while, combining a quaint coffee shop, which served amazing coffee and cake, with a modern conference and meeting space – incredibly contradicting, but perfect for events such as these. It was really lovely; before the event even got into full swing I got the opportunity to mingle with loads of other bloggers and get to learn about all the different types of blogging people did. There were so many brands there too, including bloggers who had turned their passion into a career which was inspiring.

Twin Face; jewellery

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Twin Face jewellery is a unique twist on modern accessories with a feel of both bohemian and vintage route, and as the name suggests, ran by Manchester based twins! The addition of having cake and coconut balls was a definite attraction; but the jewellery was incredible. All the pieces were simple, mainly in creams, bronzes and golds, but were all so unique, each with some intricate detail. It’s the kind of jewellery that you could wear with anything and everything from a classy day time look to an evening ensemble. My favourite piece was the Hamsa Star of David (£30) – it’s both beautiful and elegant with a bohemian twist.

Wicker Wings; bags

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Wicker Wings is a family run, hand crafted handbag company using a unique way of creating beautiful clutches and shoulder bags. By using just one frame they create the main compartment of the bags completely out of black wicker, with lining and a leather hood in a variety of colours! There is also the beautiful gold Wicker Wings logo on the clasp. The brother and sister duo of James and Belinda were such lovely people, and told me an inspirational story of how their parents bought them to the UK to make the best of their lives and used to send money back to their village in China to help. Wanting to continue on this tradition and better education in China, for every Wicker Wings bag that is purchased, James and Belinda send over a drawstring backpack to China to help schools and children there have more equipment to learn.

Even with out the philanthropic concept to this company, the bags are something that I have definitely got my eye on, especially the Maroon bag (not yet available). I also loved that each of the bags had a different name, such as the available bags – Lulu Brown (above) and Blake Grey – which are named after inspirational people to the Wicker Wings siblings (Blake being the founder of TOMS and Lulu (Lucinda) being their sister).

Illuminati Bar Burnley; cocktail bar

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As we wandered around looking at all the incredible brands, one thing caught my eye, and that was the cocktails, which looked incredible from the deep orange colour of the Licor 43& Ginger Beer cocktail to the impressive and eye catching cucumber twist in the Luxardo & Tonic cocktail. Both of these cocktails were incredible and tasted so nice, I had to try both. The bar tenders Salvatore Leone and Illuminati Bar owner, Thomas Ashley were such lovely guys and so knowledgeable about the cocktails they were making. Illuminati Bar is definitely something I’m going to have to check out before I move to the South! We were also given a really nice Rose Champagne from Luc Belaire provided by Jonathan Boyce at Cellar Trends, which was really lovely to be greeted with and have something to kick off the evening! I’m not usually a champagne or fizzy alcohol person, but this was really tasty.

NaaNaa; women’s fashion

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I really loved NaaNaa clothing, with bright colours and prints giving it a real stand out feel. I especially love the bohemian print range which is like a classic style with a bright, vibrant twist, which is really good for this Summer! I’m not usually one to venture into the world of online only shops, especially in the case of fashion as I generally struggle to find things to fit me, but the patterns, and especially the accessories from NaaNaa may sway me.

Miss Foxy; women’s fashion

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Miss Foxy was another brand with bright colours for the Summer, but I was really drawn to their more block colour schemes, especially the mint green colour in the shorts, which you can just about see at the back of the image and the peach colour in the second dress in from the front you can see above. Miss Foxy is one of the only brands I have heard of before coming to this event, and whilst I can’t fit my Plus Size bum into any of their clothing, I was really interested to see the trends and colour schemes they were following as their style has always been a favourite of mine.

What Emma Did Boutique; women’s fashion

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What Emma Did Boutique was one of my favourite things at the event, with beautiful dresses in a range of styles. Being an incredibly new boutique, it was nice to see Emma showcasing her stuff at an event with so many more established brands. The dresses are such a good price for the quality and the beauty of them, and I definitely had my eye on a few trends and fabrics I will be hunting down in the coming season. Emma herself was also one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met and the fact that she has been a blogger first and foremost for a number of years before expanding into owning her own fashion brand means she is really understanding towards the blogging community. She was so genuine and even gave us a notepad – going straight to the bloggers heart – which I have already half filled with ideas! My favourite piece was the white dress pictured above with the blue, pink and purple flower design as it’s such an adorable girly dress for the summer, and perfect for day or evening wear.

Rock On Ruby; women’s fashion and accessories

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Displaying some incredible pieces of both fashion and accessories, Rock On Ruby was a really interesting brand for me, using bold text in a variety of amusing quotes on their clothing, which reminded me of a fashionable sportswear style, and in their makeup bags (pictured above). These pieces would make such brilliant present, and would definitely create a conversation starter – I’m saving up for a makeup bag as we speak!

This was an incredibly fun event, and I can’t wait for the next one hosted by The Press Tent. For a new venture of event style it went really smoothly and I’m really happy I got to see and discover some new and exciting brands I didn’t know about before, as well as getting to talk face to face with the brand owners, especially Emma from What Emma Did Boutique and Belinda from Wicker Wings!

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